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#BEWARE# - TalkTalk Phone Scammers, AGAIN!

Another of our UKOnline clients has fallen foul of the TalkTalk scammers. This client is someone who knows his way around a computer but was still taken in by them.

They told him that they were from TalkTalk and were checking the lines, servers and routers. They talked him into downloading a remote control program that gave the scammers access to his laptop.

They were accessing his files when he cottoned on and hit the power button. Unluckily, they had already set a password on his laptop. Luckily, he had interrupted them before they could delete his restore points and I was able to restore the laptop back to a previous point.

Who knows what information they gained from his laptop. If this happens to you, you must assume the worst and reset as many passwords as you can. If you do online banking then you should contact your bank to let them know. If you held any credit card details on your computer then you should ring them immediately and get new cards.

These people have been doing this scam for a long time and know what they are doing. If they weren't getting anything form people's computers then they wouldn't still be doing it.

The real firms (whether it be TalkTalk or Microsoft or anyone) have absolutely no interest in your computer. They couldn't care less whether you have viruses or can't get the internet. They will NEVER contact you unless it is in response to you contacting them.

If you are contacted by ANY firm about your computer and you haven't asked them to contact you, you should assume that they are the Bad Guys and they are trying to break into your computer.

Politely, tell them that you have somebody that looks after your computer and ring off.

Here is a link to an article about phone scams which includes the computer scam and anothe linbk to staying safe online -

Click Here

Click Here
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