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Burn DVD-movie disks with DVD Styler

This one is for Sheila and Bill. They want to put their videos onto DVD disks so that they will play back in a DVD player to the TV.

The problem is that the videos on the computers are in a different format to the ones played in DVD players. This article explains how to burn videos onto a DVD disk using a free program called 'DVD Styler'.

A) Start the program
Double-click on the DVD Styler icon on your laptop 'Desktop' (icon can be seen in the top image). The program will start up and initially show 2 windows, one is the program window and the one on top is a pop-up window showing the 'settings'.

B) Change the initial settings. 
Most of the settings in this window can be left as they are. The only one that you may wish to change is the one that shows the aspect ratio (number 2 in the image above). By default, it is set to the 4:3 ratio. Your video recorder may be set up to shoot in the 16:9 ratio. If it is, then just click on the empty circle next to the '16:9' option.

Click on the OK button to get rid of the 'settings' window. The next pop-up window will be for choosing the menu that shows when you first put the DVD into a DVD player.

C) Choose the Menu.
The image above shows the menu selection screen. Firstly, your should enter a name for the DVD in the box pointed to by number 1 in the image above (it can be called anything you like).

The program has provided a number of different menus and has listed them on the left hand side under the 'Categories' heading (number 2 in the image above). Here, I have clicked on the 'Basic' option then clicked on the first menu.

When you have selected the menu that you want just click on the 'OK' button to get rid of this screen and show the main program window as below.

D) the main program window.

The image above shows the main DVD Styler window. In the upper right portion it shows what the first menu screen will look like (number 1 in the above image).

The bottom area shows a representation of what is going to be burnt to the DVD disk (number 2 in the image above). In this case, we only have the menu system that was selected which consists of the first screen and a second screen with room for 4 video titles on.

The upper left hand portion shows backgrounds that can be applied to the menu pages. You can change the background of the menus by 'dragging' one of the backgrounds over to the number 1 area on the screen. This is optional and you could just go with the default menu background.

 E) Add the video file.
We have to click on an icon to add the video file -

Click on the small icon (number 1 in the image above) to open the video file selection window. This will open the good old 'File Explorer' program.

Your folders and files will look different to mine but the process will be the same. in the left hand side you have to select your 'Videos' folder and in the right hand side find your video file (it will probably be inside another folder).

Once you find the video, click on it to 'select' it then click on the 'Open button' to go back to the main window.  The video will show up at the bottom of the screen just after the menus.

F) Burn the video to the DVD.

We have to click on another icon to burn the video -

Click on the 'Burn' icon at the upper left of the window (number 1 in the above image). This will make the burning settings window pop-up.

This window will remember the settings form the previous time so yiou shouldn't have to do much changing.

You can view the DVD movie on the computer before burning it to the DVD by clicking on the little box next to the 'preview' text (number 1 in the image above).

Make sure that the little box next to the 'burn' text is selected (number 2 in the image above).

Click on the 'Start' button to start the burning process. This could take some time as the program has to convert the video from one format to another. Below is what the conversion screen looks like. You don't have to do anything with this screen.

If you have opted to preview it on the laptop, it will open the converted files in the selected player (in this case VLC media player). The image below shows the startup menu. If I I click on the 'Play all' option I can see the video playing.

You just have to close this program to go to the screen asking if you wish to continue burning to the DVD -

This screen gives you the option of carrying on to burn the DVD or to cancel if the preview didn't look right. Clicking the 'Yes' button will burn the video to the DVD.

You can have more than one video on a DVD disk. The basic menu system allows up to 4 videos to be added. Back where you added the first video you can add more by clicking on the 'add file' icon again . Each added video will be added to the 2nd menu page. You just have to make sure that they will all fit onto the DVD.

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