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What the heck is the Cloud anyway?

What is the Cloud? You keep hearing people talk about the Cloud but what exactly is it?

Initially, it was a name used to represent the whole internet but lately it has come to mean online storage or services like Facebook or Google Photos.

The Cloud (online storage) is just somewhere to store photos, documents, etc. on the internet. Some well known Cloud providers are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Flickr, Yahoo Mail,etc..

Here is a Utube video explaining the general idea -

Most Cloud access is made through a Web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, or a mobile app.
One advantage of the Cloud is that you can access your files from anywhere and on any computer just by using a Web browser.

One disadvantage is that you will need an internet connection to access the cloud.

('Cloud Computing' image courtesy of [Hyena Reality] at

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What the heck is a Blog anyway?

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